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Saver Bundles: 2 x Buddy Pouch™ – No Belt No Band No Bounce!

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Great Saver Bundles for you and your Buddy!

All the great features of 2 x BUDDY POUCH™ 

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Buddy Pouch™
  • Lightweight: No Belt, No Armband, No Chafing
  • Revolutionary Magnetic Technology for a Secure & Bounce-Free Hold
  • Water-Resistant Inner Pocket Keeps Phones & Other Gear Sweat-Free & Dry
  • Holds All Your Essentials: Phone, Park Tickets, Passport, Keys, Cash, ID, Credit Cards, Gels, Inhalers, Allerjects, and Auvi-Qs

The Buddy Pouch is made to fit most popular phones, including the iPhone 6™and Samsung Galaxy S V™

Dimensions: 15.5cm × 10.5cm × 1.8cm

* Magnets do not affect Electronics such as cell phones, ipods or similar devices.

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Product Description

No Belt, No Band, No Bounce!
No more restrictions with the traditional belt or band.

Using Revolutionary Magnetic Technology. Stylish in every way!

Designed in the United States and the Winner of the 2015 Product Innovation Award in the International Travel Show in Las Vegas, the Buddy Pouch is one of the top selling Products across Amazon US, UK and Japan.

The RB “Buddy Pouch”, recognized as a “Noteworthy new product in the running industry”, is a lightweight, running pouch that magnetically connects to any waistband, replacing armbands and running belts. No need for an additional running armband or running belt.

The Buddy Pouch™ now available in Singaporeis receiving well-deserving reviews all across the globe. Below are some of these exciting updates:

  1. International Travel Goods Show – 2015 Winner of the Product Innovation Awards
  2. Featured in the Huffington Post “Little Things that Make Travel Easier” in May 2015
  3. Featured in the Hallmark Home and Family Show in May 2015 in the US
  4. Product Review – the Running Buddy – Graveyard 100 – Long Run – Marathon
  5. CNBC’s Road Warrior – Six New Travel Gadgets to make your Journey Easier
  6. The Running Buddy 6+ Buddy Pouch Review
Made with dri-fit and water-resistant fabrics, the Running Buddy keeps all your running essentials sweat-free and dry. The Buddy Pouch is a stylish product that can be use for:

Active: Runners, Walkers and all outdoor enthusiasts

Everyday: From the Garden to the Grocery Store – Multi-use magnetic pouches used by shoppers, dog trainers and EpiPen carriers

Travel: From the Beach to the Ballpark – These belt and clip-free travel pouches are replacing fanny packs, wallets and passport carriers for travelers

For owners of the iphone 6+ and all Galaxy Note phones, you will need the Running Buddy Plus/6+/XL

* Magnets do not affect Electronics such as cell phones, ipods or similar devices

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Exclusive Distributor for the Running Buddy in South Asia.

The Award Winning Buddy Pouch™ from the Running Buddy uses Revolutionary Magnetic Technology. Stylish in every way!

No Belt, No Band, No Bounce!
No more restrictions with the traditional belt or band.



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