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SWANS Mirrored sunglasses SOU SOU-M TI/R


SOU M nose pads can be adjusted by detaching it from the frame. Temple low center of gravity, wrap around design and metal free.

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SOU M nose pads can be adjusted by detaching it from the frame. Temple low center of gravity, wrap around design and metal free.

・ Mirror Lenses
・ UV Cut Lens
・ Weight 22g
・ 10 x 4.5 Curve
・ Width 144mm x Height 43mm
・ Frame Material Nylon
・ Frame Color: Titanium Red
・ Lens Color: Light pink x Silver mirror
・ Visible light transmission 36%



Protecting the eyes from strong sunlight and glare
The surface of mirror lenses is coated with a reflecting membrance, which is suited for cutting down strong sunlight and glare. The wearer is free to choose the most suitable lens color for the particular sporting occasion.


Anti UV lens raditionProtecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation
The ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sn not only damaged our skin but also our eyes as well. Our all PETROID lenses cut 99.9% of UV rays.


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Recognized for its high quality, SWANS is one of the leading brands in Japan that hosts a wide range of eyewear products that includes sunglasses, fashion eyewear, ski and snowboard googles, swimming goggles and swimming accessories. Nostro SEA Pte Ltd is proud to bring to South East Asia the SWANS brand of sports eyewear including swimming goggles, sunglasses as well as swimming accessories. SWANS, one of the top brand in Japan, is well known for delivering quality products with safety, comfort and performance considerations using the latest optical control technology.

To ensure that athletes perform their best in whatever weather condition they may be, SWANS sports eyewear also provides proper visibility and protection, having strong UV-blocking capabilities and dust- and stain-proof technologies to maintain clear visibility and comfort even under hostile climate conditions. SWANS also hosts a vast line of eyewear products to match your fashion needs while pursuing functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.

SWANS is the brand of sports eyewear built just for you with dedication to quality, comfort and eye protection.

Over the century since the establishment in 1911, Yamamoto Kogaku has proudly offered the customers “safety”, “peace of mind” and “health and comfort” through the command of optical control technology. Throughout the history, SWANS have remained focused on the issue of “how to protect eyes reliably and comfortably”, providing a clear field of vision at all times in all kinds of snow and climatic conditions.

SWANS pursues the development of necessary functions and weighs design considerations from every possible angle so as to offer products with superior fit. This has earned a loyal following among skiers and snowboarders the world over. Moving forward, SWANS will continue to take on new challenges and strive to create the world’s safest and most comfortable specialty eyewear.