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Kaiser Tung Hsieh Touku Balm Plaster 5zip


Long lasting pain relief and recovery for sore muscles and general aches

Label looks damn obiang but its damn effective 🙂

Ask your grandmother she confirm recommend!


Product of Taiwan

Product Description

Description & Indication

For general aches, pains and muscle strains

This is a “heat” type plaster which provides pain relief and aids muscle recovery

Herbal plaster to improve blood circulation to ease movement of limbs, joints and relieve body pain

Long lasting effect

Tested and proven traditional chinese herbal formulation which has been selling like hot cakes for over 18 years 🙂

Not for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers


Package Info

5 plasters per pack (11cmx15cm). Resealable zip package



Additional information

Weight 0.0405 kg
Dimensions 23 x 16 x 1 cm


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