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Trion:Z DuoLoop Magnetic Wristband (Black/Grey)

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Duo-Loop Wristband Contains 2 x 1,000 gauss magnets with 1,500cc negative ions. Water & sweat resistance. Helps promote blood circulation, muscles recovery and good for general well-being.

Size: S (16 cm), M (18 cm)

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Product Description

Trion:Z DUO-LOOP wristband contains powerful negative ion producing materials in the pod and patented ANSPO magnetic technology.

Contains 2 x 100 mT permanent Ferrite Magnets.

• Flexi, waterproof silicone band dual loop style, ideal for an active lifestyle. Do not have to remove during shower or when swimming.
• Colour and sizes to suit all
• Polarized Pod Capsule containing 2 x 1,000 Gauss Magnets with Trion:Z patented ANSPO technology
• Trion:Z negative ion infused pod producing over 1,500 negative ions per second.

Colours available: Black/Grey, Black/Red, Black/Azure, Black/Lime

Size: S (16 cm), M (18 cm)

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M, S


Black/Grey, Black/Red, Black/Azure, Black/Lime


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CX3 Asia is a Singapore company with the mission of providing alternatives and choices for physical fitness development and recuperation.  Our current offering centers around the highly endorsed Japanese medical grade products from Colantotte.  Sportsmen and sportswomen usually experience muscular tension and fatigue. We offer a complete range of fashionably designed wearable products that stimulates beneficial magnetic energy over a large surface area via our unique ANSPO arrangement to improve blood circulation and minimize muscle discomfort.