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Chiropractic Wellness Offer – Spinal examination + 1st Adjustment

$220.00 $50.00

Get 80% Off Wellness Offer… Spinal Examination + 1st Adjustment For Just $50

Headaches, Back Pain, Neck Pain and Poor Posture are common issues that affect Singaporeans.
Chiropractic Care can help you reduce these problems.
      Our $50 offer includes:
  1. Consultation
    Conversation between our Doctor of Chiropractic & you to understand your health history, specific conditions and issues.
  2. Full Postural & Spinal Examination
    Comprehensive tests to understand the health of your spine and the causes of your health problems.
  3. Report of Findings
    Detailed explanation of the results from your spinal checkup and recommendations for care.
  4. Chiropractic Adjustment
    Manual spinal adjustment done by hand. Your spine has to be healthy, flexible and aligned for you to be at your best.

Start living a pain-free life today by consulting with our Chiropractor. Reserve your $50 Chiro Wellness Offer now!

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Product Description

Product Terms and Conditions:
  1. All sessions are strictly by appointments only.
  2. If X-rays are deemed necessary by the Doctor prior to treatment, then costs will be borne by the patient
Product Redemption Details:
We will call you within 2 business days to schedule your examination and first adjustment with Kirolounge at a convenient time 🙂
Alternatively, you can schedule your appointment by calling Kirolounge on 6336 3738 or WhatsApp 9093 3072, quoting the JustShopLah order number sent to your email.


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Kirolounge was founded in 2011 with a strong mission to provide extraordinary health for everyone through chiropractic.

Chiropractic is based on the diagnosis of trained professionals and the treatment through adjustments of misaligned joints in the body, particularly the spinal column. In the past few years, chiropractic has been particularly prevalent in our society with its proven effects.

Our vision is to be recognized as the go-to chiropractic solution that provides effective and affordable care at convenient locations.

Our name Kirolounge comes from a Japanese word “Ki-Ro” meaning strong and dependable.  We know and studies have shown, that it is essential to have a strong and dependable spine and nervous system in order for all of us to live a healthier and happier life.