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ZANE Finest Cordycep Tea (6 tea bag per pack)


Enhance your athletic performance

Increased ATP Levels

Improve oxygen utilisation by 50%

Improve immunity


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Product Description

Description & Indication

ZANE Premium pure cordycep militaris specially cultivated in a controlled environment, concentrated and possesses similar health enhancing attributes as wild cordycep

ZANE’s Cordycepin & Adenosine content is 3-6 times higher than wild cordycep (Laboratory tested by Temasek Polytechnic)

Pricing is S$7-8 per gram vs wild cordycep of S$132 per gram

Some Benefits of Cordyceps:

  • Improve the Lungs and Respiratory Systema
  • Increase cellular Oxygen Absorption by up to 40% for improved endurance & athletic performanceb
  • Improve the Functioning of the Heartc
  • Improve Cholesterol & High Blood Pressured
  • Chronic kidney diseases improvemente
  • Improvements in the Immune Systemf
  • Increase adenosine triphosphate levels (ATP) to reduce fatigueg

Not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding

For more information please refer to (

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a Reference 2, Chapter “Effects on the Respiratory System”, pages 429-432). In a double blind, placebo controlled study with 30 elderly volunteers Cordyceps significantly improved the maximum amount of oxygen these people were able to assimilate (Reference 4)
b Lou Y, Liao X, Lu Y. Cardiovascular pharmacological studies of ethanol extracts of Cordyceps mycelia and Cordyceps fermentation solution. Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs 1986;17(5):17-21,209-213) Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases improvement of 40% after Cordyceps supplement. (Wang WQ. J. Administration Traditional Chinese Med 1995;5 (supp;):24
c From Wan F, Zhang S. Clinical observations of fermented Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4) in antitussive, expectorant, and antathematic effects. Collection on the Basic Medicinal and Clinical Studies of Submerged Culture Cordyceps sinensis. Beijing, Nanchang, China:Jiangxi TCM/IMM, 1985:35-39
d Reference 1, Chapter “Effects on blood lipid metabolism and arteriosclerosis”, pages 299 – 301
e  Chronic kidney diseases improvement of 51% after only one month with Cordyceps supplement.(Jiang JC, Gao YF. J Administration Traditional Chinese Med 1995;5(suppl):23-24
f Liu C, Lu S, Ji MR, Xie Y. effects of Cordyceps sinensis on in-vitro natural killer cells. Chinese J Integrated Traditional Western Med (Chung-Kuo Chung His I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih) 1992;12(5):267-269
g Reference 1, Chapter “Improvement of physical performance and quality of life”, pages 293 – 295


Package Info

6 tea bags per pack (Each teabag contains 1000mg of 100% cordycep militaris)


Recommended serving

Brew with hot water or tear open teabag and consume contents with water

1 tea bag per day (Equivalent to ~6gms of wild cordycep)

Consume on empty stomach before training for best effect


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Dimensions 19 x 9 x 3.5 cm


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