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HIIT Program 4 Sessions @ 99 Trial Package

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You can enjoy the signature Power Plate Vibration Training or Hybrid Training according to their schedule.

Power Plate, supported by superstars like Madonna, is a premium vibration device, which is scientifically proven to activate more muscle groups in less time and with less effort, enhancing the effectiveness of ANY exercise.

Engineered to activate the human body’s natural reflexive responses to vibration and instability, Power Plate oscillates 25 to 50 times per second to engage muscles to contract and relax automatically in a consistent, and controlled manner. (The harmonic vibrations move in three directions: up/down, forwards/backwards, and side-to-side.)

The vibrations produced by Power Plate bring the traditional exercises such as squats and push-ups to another level, by recruiting more muscle fibers (even though you are not aware of it). This high-efficiency training methodology helps burn fat, tone muscles, enhance balance and improve strength, accelerating results in a short time frame.

Our in-house Hybrid Training combines different modalities together to deliver maximal benefits and results. Depending on the program on the day, it could be a combination of Power Plate Vibration Training, TRX Suspension Training, Functional Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Vipr Loaded Movement Training, just to name a few. The hybrid training classes aim to provide a full-body work out and our trainers will use different training toolsand teach you the correct techniques each time so that you could carry out the moves in proper forms, hence maximizing the benefits while minimizing the risk of injury.

The short and fast Hybrid Training class will work on your whole body, preventing over-exercising certain muscle groups (as we usually tend to do so). By experiencing different training styles, your body will continue to be stimulated and respond accordingly, avoiding reaching a plateau. Different focuses in the programs (endurance, power, etc) also mean you will be more well-rounded and balanced in your fitness.

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Higher Ground Fitness is one of the best HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program providers ranked by TripleReady (Oct 2017), and recommended by Straits Times and Cleo.

In addition, their signature Power Plate Vibration Training makes use of the state-of-the-art vibration technology to boost the effectiveness of your workout by stimulating natural reflexes of your muscles, and speed up your recovery by draining away toxins and improving blood circulation.

Higher Ground Fitness is dedicated to semi-private / small group training and each class is having no more than six persons. Prompt guidance, full attention, proper coaching are key to your fitness progress.

Come and enjoy our sessions close to personal training standards but at a group class price!