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Bliss Shala was born when the founder saw a glaring gap in the field for holistic therapy. Krisa realised stifling repetitiveness in the studio classes offered by various companies. She wanted something different. She believed that every person’s individuality should be celebrated and recognized. Wellness needs to be personalized, thus she decided to create it herself.
Although Bliss Shala is a young brand, the founder has over 10 years of experience in holistic therapy. The company’s strategic partners include Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya University and Paramanand Yoga Institute of Science and Research, India who share Bliss Shala’s philosophy of propagating complete mind and body wellness.

The name Bliss Shala is derived from the words “Bliss” which means the experience of complete oneness of the self, and “Shala” which means abode in Sanskrit.

Everything we do at Bliss Shala is driven by our vision to be the Cause For Oneness as we believe in taking every individual beyond the self. We embrace the core values of Love, Acceptance and Awareness for they are daily reminders that we are all one, and the world is a family.

Bliss Shala